Supporters’ Club Summer Newsletter

The Supporters’ Club committee met on 04/07/2022 and the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 25/07/2022 at Wetherspoons, High Street, Knaresborough at 8pm and all members are invited to attend.

Any Evertonians who are reading this and have not yet joined the Harrogate Toffees, but are interested in doing so, are welcome to join us.

Information about the supporters club is available on the website but please feel free to make contact if you would like to know more.

Membership fees are proposed to remain at £15 for adult season ticket holders; £20 for adults and free for juniors.

We have been informed that the cost of the coach to Goodison will increase by £100 this season and the cost per game to members will be discussed at the AGM but it seems likely that the recommendation will be to keep the cost at £20 for members, £17 from Ainley Top and £25 for non-members.

The cost may however need to be revisited as the season progresses depending on the numbers travelling on the coach, something we cannot predict as there are so many factors that affect when games are played and whether the coach is therefore a viable option.

It has been helpful having the booking system for the coach as this gives us some idea as to numbers travelling in advance although there do tend to be some extras, as well as the occasional ‘no show’. As a committee, we would encourage all members to complete the survey which we will continue to send out for each game.

Consideration was given at the meeting as to whether we should start charging all juniors £5 as at the moment this only applies to over 11’s. This is again up for discussion at the AGM but any views expressed in response to this message can, and will, be taken into account.

As some of you will recall, the pick up in Leeds had to change to the bottom of Eastgate for one match last season due to road works at the Armley Gyratory. We are interested in the views of members who get on in Leeds as to how convenient/inconvenient it was and whether this is a better/quicker option for all Leeds pick ups next season. An alternative suggestion to try and save time due to city centre traffic is to pick up where Majestic wine used to be (top of the slip road at current  (ex) Yorkshire Post building stop as this would mean the coach does not have to leave the A58M to then re-join it. There is a bus stop there. We will send out an email survey shortly to poll members’ views on the Leeds pick up location to support our decision making.

Let us know if you have a view on any of the above or any ideas that might to improve the way the supporters club is run in time for the AGM – better still, come and join us.

As most of you are aware, one of our members, Lynda Greenwood, died recently in a house fire and a donation has been made on behalf of the supporters’ club to Everton in the Community, in memory of Lynda.

As a supporters’ club, we cannot do anything about what happens on the pitch but we can try and make getting there and back as pain free as possible!

Diane French

Branch Secretary


Harrogate Toffees - Official Affiliated Everton Supporters Club