Sunderland Away – Tuesday 27th March 2012 – FA Cup Replay


We have the tickets we need and possibly some spares.

There are spares available. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending.

Coach will pick at the following places \ times:

  1. Leeds at 1600
  2. Bardsey at 1620
  3. Wetherby at 1630
  4. Knaresborough at 1650

Times clearly will depend on traffic getting out of Leeds but please be there in good time.

Can members please email me to confirm tickets required and where they will be getting on the coach by tomorrow morning if possible so that I can give Ian/Jamie a list to follow until the coach arrives in Knaresborough. I will be off to Swansea for the weekend (dithering Dave will probably play the youth team) and Monday is leaving things a bit late!

If anyone hasn’t ordered a ticket and would like to go, there may be spares and places on the coach. We have hired the large coach; this will be more expensive but more comfortable with large numbers travelling. Everton have offered money towards it, based on tickets purchased. Once we know exactly what the club are contributing, we will decide on any charge needed to cover any remaining costs but it is likely to be no more than £5. Tickets are £20.


Harrogate Toffees - Official Affiliated Everton Supporters Club

Harrogate Toffees – Official Affiliated Everton Supporters Club